What to Expect



  •  At Cheers, we strive to honour past traditions of the church, while still being relevant to today.


    When you visit Cheers for the first time you will notice our casual atmosphere, you don't have to dress up to come to church. Grab a free coffee and maybe a snack. We'll have music playing and you'll see people greeting each other. There are usually quite a few children burning off some energy.


    We start the service with a few upbeat songs from our worship band, then the kids are dismissed to their own activities upstairs. The music continues, with a focus on allowing God to make His presence known.


    God's Word is shared in a relaxed, sometimes humourous approach. All of our pastors base their message completely on the Bible, and how it relates to our daily lives.


    After the message, we sometimes have communion or an opportunity to respond to the message by coming forward for prayer, or a time of contemplation.


    Check out some past services at our Watch Online page.


    Drop by, we'd love to see you soon!!